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Full Range of Mental Health Services for the Whole Family

Mental health services for people of all ages is available at our office. Services include psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy. We are able to provide these services because of our diverse group of providers that includes psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and social workers.

Mental Healthcare Services

Online consultations

Our online psychiatric consultations allow patients to connect with a psychiatrist at any time from the comfort of their home.

In-your-home Visits

With concierge services, your psychiatric provider will meet with you in your home and you will recieve one-on-one therapy and medication management.

Urgent Appointments

Our process is flexible and convenient. You never have to wait in a busy waiting room, or schedule an appointment weeks in advance.

Services and Treatments

Psychiatric Medication Management

One Stop Psychiatry provides psychiatric medication management services to help patients with their needs. Our providers work with patients one-on-one, providing psychiatric medication management and education. Patients can also utilize other treatment options such as group therapy, art therapy, and more.

Telemedicine – What, Why and How

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If you are feeling like you need to see a therapist, register for a session with the click of your mouse or tap of your phone.

Schedule Your Appointment

Explore our list of psychiatrists, and then request a session or schedule an appointment with one that best fits your needs.

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Get Help Online

Speak with your provider securely over the phone or on chat. They will recommend a treatment plan, and can even send a prescription to your nearest pharmacy if needed.

Adult and Geriatric

We offer specialized expertise in the treatment of mental health conditions for the elderly population. We offer personalized care tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Older adults often have mood disorders, anxiety, and memory problems, which we understand and can help treat.

Assisted Living Facilities

Our geriatric team provides psychiatric treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia. We focus on the relief of symptoms and helping patients to increase their independence. Rather than just focusing on mental health, we also help them with co-existing conditions, medication adjustment, family education, and consultation with other health professionals.

Out patient Care

Geriatric patients are welcome to take advantage of our treatment centers in South Florida. We offer outpatient services that allow patients to meet with their therapists in a distraction-free environment so they can focus more fully on therapy.

Why Choose One Stop Psychiatry?

Appointments When You Need It

You can schedule a consultation with our medical professionals on your time, not theirs.

You can schedule a therapy consultation with our medical professionals on your time, not theirs.

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Safe and Secure

Private telemedicine messaging and chatting portals to ensure your confidentiality and safety.

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