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Dr Cheryl Waterman therapist at One stop Psychiatry

Cheryl Waterman, PhD, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Cheryl Waterman is a licensed Clinical Social Worker working over 20 years of experience in child welfare, and children and family services. Dr. Waterman is certified and skilled to provide mental health services inclusive of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of children and adults suffering from depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, family discord, and marital difficulties. She holds certification in TF-CBT and RRFT. Trauma-Focused CBT assists children, adults, and teens, as well as their families, address their thoughts, and traumatic experiences and getting past the ones that can lead to PTSD, stress, depression, and other mental health conditions. When traumatic experiences, they may mismanage their emotions. TF-CBT aims for people to be able to manage emotions in a safe and familiar environment. Those affected can learn that trauma can distort one's perception and that there are healthier ways to cope with it. Additionally, she holds certification in RRFT. The RRFT model is also appropriate for adolescents, and adults who have experienced any form of trauma, including but not limited to sexual abuse and assault, physical abuse and assault, exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse, community violence, and traumatic grief. It considers the cultural experiences of the clients and includes such in the mode of therapy. Dr. Waterman also holds a Ph.D. in Management of non-profit organizations and presently practices the above modes of treatment with children, adults, and family. She is dedicated to ensuring all humans fulfill their full potential and experience self-actualization in a therapeutic environment and in the world.

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